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PRO: Project Management Professionals
Objective:                  Managing projects requires more than technical knowledge and experience. It also demands a firm understanding of the practical nature and problems of the projects, the ability to apply effective methods, tools and techniques to facilitate the management task, and good team-building skills.

The course is intended for professional project managers or individuals who would like to learn the project management best practices and key knowledge areas in order to customize them to large-scale and complex projects, including with multiple projects. In addition, they will enhance project performance, decrease error correction and secure project objectives under risks.

It covers project management body of knowledge and essential skills such as structuring organization to support ‘Management by Projects’, managing stakeholder expectation, risk management, team building and establishing project management office. The powerful project management software application is also introduced to participants.

For participants’ better understanding, the instructors hand out the practical and powerful tools, techniques and best practices thru project scenario-based workshops with continuous case from project initiating to project closing.

Who Should Attend:   People who work in project-based or stake in projects.
·       Management people who manage or coordinate projects
Corporate Manager
Project Manager
Project Team Leader
Project Coordinator
·       Operation staffs or project members who direct or execute project activities
Course Benefit:          Participants will learn how to:
·       Setup projects and customize the proper methodologies to meet project size and complexity
·       Plan, organize and monitor projects effectively in order to deliver quality systems within time and budget
·       Evaluate projects from the business point of view
Method:                       Lecture, workshops, group discussion and individual project presentation
Duration:                     6 days (36 hours, 36 PDUs), 09:00 – 16:00

PMI Skills:                  Technical Project Management 33 PDUs, Leadership 3 PDUs

Date:                            See training schedule

                              39,900 Baht 
(VAT7% = 2,793 Baht, Total = 42,693 Baht)
                                     Early Bird 36,900 Baht - to be paid 2 weeks prior to training (VAT7% =2,583 Baht, Total = 39,483 Baht)

Venue:                         Jasmine City Hotel, Soi Sukhumvit 23, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok (See Map)
Language:                   Thai
Instructors:                  Arintra Punyayuttakan PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSPO, LeSS, CSQA, CSTE, CSPM, MCTS
                                     Paiboon Punyayuttakan PMP,  CISSP, CISA, IRCA, ITIL, Project+
    Pennapa Pumma PMP,

Register:                     Please download registration form and send to

Course Outline        Day 1
·         Project Manager and Innovator
·         Characteristic of Project
·         Output & Outcome
·         Components of Project Success
·         Project Life Cycle
·         Project Management Knowledge Areas
·         Project Management Processes
·         Progressive Elaboration
·         Start with Business Case
·         Project Scenario & Business Case Workshop
·         Project Charter
o    Why Project Charter?
o    Project Objectives
o    Assumption & Constraints
    Project Scenario & Project Charter Workshop
·         Project Stakeholder Management
o    Why Project Stakeholder Management?
o    Identify Stakeholders
o    Project Stakeholders
o    Manage Stakeholder Expectation
o    Stakeholder Strategies
    Project Scenario & Stakeholder Analysis Workshop
Day 2
·         Project Scope Management
o    Source of Requirements
o    Requirement Gathering Techniques and Implementation
o    Good Characteristics of Requirements Specification
o    Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    Project Scenario & WBS Workshop
o    Project Estimation Techniques
o    Activities Sequencing & Dependency
o    Project Scheduling
o    Critical Path Method (CPM)
·         Project Risk Management
o    Sense of Managing Risk
o    Risk Management Planning
o    Risk Identification Techniques
o    Risk Assessment
o    Key Risk Indicator (KRI) & Risk Trigger
o    Risk Ownership
o    Risk Response Planning
o    Risk Monitoring and Control
o    Risk Reassessment
o    Risk Profile
    Project Scenario & Risk Management Workshop
Day 3
·         Project Cost Management
o    Cost Management Planning
o    Cost Budgeting
o    Why Measurement?
o    Cost Baseline (S-Curve)
o    Earned Value Technique
o    Cost Performance Index
o    Schedule Performance Index
o    Performance Improvement Strategy
·         Project Management Application
o    Manage Single Project with Microsoft Project
    Microsoft Project Workshop
Day 4
       ·         Project Change Management
o    Sources of Change
o    Configuration Management
o    Change Management Process
o    Change Request Form
o    Change Logs
·         Project Communication Management
o    Project Communication Planning
o    Communication Skills
o    Communication Model
o    Communication Method
o    Project Message and Format
o    Communication Management Plan
o    Project Scenario & Communication Planning Workshop
o    Performance Reporting
o    Milestone Management
o    Deliverables Report
o    Performance Report
o    Risk and Issue Report
·         Project Quality Management
o    Theory of Quality
o    Cost of Quality
o    Project Quality Planning
o    Perform Quality Assurance
o    Perform Quality Control
o    Quality Audit
o    Quality Checklist
o    Project Scenario & Quality Planning Workshop

    Day 5
  ·     Project Human Resource Management
    o  Human Resource Planning
    o  Project Team Roles & Responsibilities
    o  Project Manager Competency
    o  Responsibility Assignment Matrix
    o  Create sense of ownership
    o  Project Scenario & Human Resource Planning Workshop
    o  How to motivate project team
    o  Situational Leadership
    o  Source of Leader Power
    o  Team Building
    o  Behavioral Model
    o  How to give and receive feedback
    o  Conflict Management
  ·     Project Procurement Management
    o  Project Procurement Planning
    o  Contract Type
    o  Conduct Procurement
    o  Bidder Conference
    o  Vendor Evaluation
    o  Proposal Evaluation
    o  Solicitation Methods
    o  Administer Procurement
    o  Project Scenario & Procurement Planning Workshop
     Day 6
  ·    Project Lesson Learned
    o  Project Lesson Learned
    o  When to Perform Lesson Learned
    o  How to Perform Lesson Learned
  ·    Project Management Office
    o  Why PMO?
    o  What is PMO?
    o  PMO Statistics
    o  Perceptions to PMO
    o  Benefits of PMO
    o  PMO Functions
  ·    Project Management Application
    o  Manage Multi Project with Microsoft Project
    o  Microsoft Project Workshop
  ·     Individual Project Presentation

*PMI and PMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute. Inc. 

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